Our Five-Step Approach

  1. Strategy and Objectives: We start by identifying project objectives and measurable success criteria, and then initiate the exploration of the Relevant Brand Connections, all of which drive the development of a strategic communications and media plan.
  2. Creative Concepting: Our approach to concept exploration unites all the key elements of the project strategy, objectives, and Relevant Brand Connections.
  3. Creative Development/Refinement: The complete development of a chosen concept includes scrutiny of all visual elements, messaging, legal requirements, and the appropriate degree of brand expression to drive results.
  4. Flawless Execution: We ensure seamless preparation, management, and production of print and electronic communications - including a full exploration of production options to increase product quality and reduce costs.
  5. Evaluation and Continuous Improvement: We analyze consumer response by measuring it against project objectives, marketing goals, and ROI to identify successes and opportunities for ongoing optimization.
Infographic of Kessler SF’s 5-step process of strategy development and optimization
Kessler SF’s approach to marketing consists of five steps or phases: Strategy and Planning; Creative Concepting; Creative Development and Refinement; Execution; Ongoing Optimization