Business Consulting

Kessler SF draws on over 25 years of extensive hands-on experience in helping clients meet a wide array of business challenges. Whether you need to build a compelling marketing plan that excites investors and partners, optimize your marketing spend across segments and channels, or launch a new product in a commoditized marketplace, Kessler SF can help. Tap into our strategic know-how and we’ll show you how to turn the problems you face today into the opportunities of tomorrow.


  • Business Research and Analysis
  • Marketing Audits
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Plans
  • Sales Tools
  • Brand Strategy and Launch
  • Product Naming and Positioning

Kessler SF In Action

  • Analyzed research findings to identify opportunities for a struggling credit card product. Translated findings into strategies that drove a program relaunch, which included new branding and a reinvigorated public relations campaign. Efforts resulted in a triple-digit increase in the rate of balance growth — and gains in activation, awareness, and retention levels.