Email Marketing

Kessler SF has developed a highly refined approach to this extremely versatile channel to ensure that all components of each campaign maximize response. We develop campaign strategies, handle full creative development, assist with vendor selection, and optimize impact through deliverability trend analysis.


  • Review historical email marketing programs
  • Develop holistic email communication strategies, including message optimization, frequency, product and creative rotation strategies, and cross-channel consistency
  • Construct a templated system to reduce creative development costs to version complex campaigns
  • Design for ease of implementation and deliverability

Kessler SF In Action

  • Generated 32% open rate, 59% click-through rate, and a 6.3% response rate on a list of cold leads for a national mortgage lender.
  Samples of email marketing creative developed for LL Bean and Lexus
Message optimization, creative rotation strategies, and cross-channel consistency are key elements in any successful email campaign. Kessler SF has the experience to build templated systems for versioning complex campaigns that save on production costs and increase response rates.