High-Volume Print Production

Kessler SF truly knows how to help you capture economies of scale and create high-volume campaigns that hit deadlines and make money. Our team negotiates great deals for our clients that minimize cost per piece. We know the history of the industry and its key issues. And above all, we know the key players.


  • Volume: We consolidate volume across multiple purchasing activities to reduce average costs and consolidate materials.
  • Price: We take a fair, earnings-oriented approach to pricing, leveraging the purchase of billions of pieces annually.
  • Innovation: We devise new processes and services while also engineering improved efficiencies.
  • Security: We manage delivery, audit, compliance certification, and more.

Kessler SF In Action

  • In 2008, Kessler implemented production initiatives that resulted in savings of over $2 million for a key client.
  High-volume print production process and savings for 2008 infographic
Kessler SF’s innovative, high-volume print production process saved a key client over $2 Million in 2008 by consolidating volume and negotiating the best deals with our vendors.