Display Advertising

Our online display advertising approach makes full use of strategic media buys in ad networks with thousands of available content sites and portals. We can target by demographics, behavior, and other variables through affinity portals. In addition, we offer media buys on a CPA basis for highly targeted credit card prospects.
Phase 1: Medium-to-low-volume broad network buys with tracking and reporting
Phase 2: Optimization across publisher, placement, offer, and creative
Phase 3: CPA-based media buy and ultimately optimize on customer valuation

Kessler SF In Action

  • Launched a multi-touch banner campaign using rich media and streaming video that resulted in 200,000 page views and 50,000 applications.

  Samples of display banner creative for Harley-Davidson, Sony, Starwood Hotels and MBNA Canada
Kessler SF’s display marketing approach includes careful market analysis combined with strategic media buys and stand-out creative to drive traffic to your landing page.