Social Networks

Launching and promoting a social network with Kessler is easy

Our turnkey social network solution combines the best practices of social networking with Kessler’s unrivaled expertise in affinity marketing. Engage members and enhance loyalty, while gaining a powerful platform you can use to gather customer insights.

With our unique, three-step approach, your Member Network can be up and running in as little as two weeks:

Step 1: Beta Launch

Identify “subject matter mavens” within your membership base to create a pre-existing sense of community and seed the site with User Generated Content (UGC).

Step 2: Awareness Building

Integrate member network promotional messaging into your existing communications at little-to-no incremental cost, using Kessler-supplied templates.

Step 3: Optimization

Kessler will manage the analytics required to optimize your site’s performance over time and ensure that your goals are met.
  Screenshots from, a social network site created by Kessler SF
Kessler SF has been involved in affinity marketing from day one. Building and monetizing social networks is a natural extension of that experience. In just a few weeks, we can help you get a social networking project up and running.